I created this blog because I love to write and I love fitness. I have a couple of credentials that help me do this: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Carleton University, I’m a certified Fitness Instructor and I’m a certified Personal Trainer.

Over the time I taught fitness classes at Carleton, I got a lot of questions about fitness, but also about nutrition, motivation, self-esteem and so many other topics. It seems we are all beginning to understand that fitness isn’t just about how we move our bodies, but how moving our bodies affects our minds and souls too.

I quickly learned that I had to be at least minimally knowledgeable in many areas and needed to know where I could get resources when I didn’t know the answers. This worked well for me because I’m an information junky!

But not just any information because, as we all know, not all information is created equally. I try to use the best resources I can find to help those with whom I come into contact get reliable information.

But there are two sides to communication: mine and yours. You can’t be in regular communication with a lot of smart people without realizing the wealth of information they also possess.

So here it is: the Along the Fitness Trail blog, a space where we can learn and grow together. Share our knowledge, give our opinions and feedback and enjoy each others’ company.

Welcome! Tracy


2 Responses to About

  1. Hey there “Queen of the world”! I read about your recent promenade on the edge of the CN Tower (in the Wrap, courtesy of Toastmaster Brian). I’m so proud of you!

    P.S. That photo is a keeper!
    P.P.S. Since burlesque, I’ve moved onto pole dancing!;)

    • tracygagnon says:

      Thanks Rose!
      Speaking of being proud…OMG!! Pole Dancing! Very courageous. I’ll have to try it soon!
      Here, Ladies & Gentlemen, is a woman who doesn’t make excuses (which, let’s face it, would be easy to do with Pole Dancing). She goes out and DO! In the immortal words of Yoda “DO or DO NOT; there is no TRY!”.

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