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Four Minutes to Fat Loss & Greater Fitness

Hi All! Sounds like a late night TV ad, doesn’t it? But you actually can get great results in four short minutes. If you’re a realist at all, however, you’ll know that any workout this short is going to be … Continue reading

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Fun Fitness/Calorie Calculator

Hi All! I’ve found a fun fitness/calorie calculator that I thought you might like to try. It’s at If you scroll down the page, there’s an area where you add your weight and then below that, the exercise you … Continue reading

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Another Reason To Hit the Fitness Trail!

Hi All! My friend, Cindy Robinson, sent me a news article from the Globe & Mail and I thought I’d pass the highlights on to you. It was written by Celia Milne and called “Why Exercising Outdoors is Better than … Continue reading

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